Alva Wong Coaching Strategies

Kelowna's “Evolution…Because inaction leads to decay. We have the plan of success and the tools to help you along your journey.”
Alva Wong is here to help evolve your workout. Train the way we are supposed to be with functional training for real life. Come train at OneLife Health & Wellness and discover the how much fun you can have training.

We use are environment to train and develop as humans. Moving in Multi-plane Ballistic Movement Patterns using your environment and controlling your body. Movements through every plane of motion are essential to any exercise regimen. Biologically we have evolved to move in multiple directions.

You will see that we are supposed to challenge our bodies in all planes.

Evolution Concept:

We begin by recognizing that no two people are alike we evolve differently. The Evolution concept of life growth is an exceptional and all-embracing assessment that evaluates your level of fitness, genetics, personality, lifestyle and aspirations. Everything is customized, nothing is generic in your evolution. Learn different exercises to make your life more knowledgeable


Evolve your Mind and Body to become the human being you should be.


We believe that comprehensive wellness must address physical activity, stress management, nutrition & fun through educational, functional and innovative experiences.

A holistic approach to fitness & wellness, which means we start from the assumption that you don’t need to be fixed, you may just need help peeling away the habits that are keeping you from your natural, perfect health.

We will personally design your programs of activity, nutrition and lifestyle management, and guide you into an experience of immense drive to reach your aspirations.

Okanagan Personal Trainer Alva Wong
Alva Wong BPE
Dragon Boat Coach
Athletic Trainer
Youth Mentor

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